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One of the most awe-inspiring buildings on the pier with its yellow tiled façade on the sea side…

Built in 1910-1911, the still-standing Çinili Han initially served as a passenger terminal before being transformed into a post office by the General Directorate of Turkish Post following the construction of a new passenger terminal in 1940. 

Çinili Han is built as part of the pier, which is constructed on reclaimed land. Designed in the eclectic style, the building originally has six floors, with the top floor being a later added. The building initially serves as a passenger terminal, and as a post office from 1940-onwards, with the completion of the new terminal.

Çinili Han functions as the office of various organizations over the years. Today, its historical nature makes it one of the symbolic structures of Karaköy, and one of the more attractive destinations in the district.

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