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This Policy contains information about the types of SDKs (Software Development Kits) used in the mobile application managed by Galataport İstanbul, their areas of usage, how third-party SDKs are used for advertising and retargeting purposes, information on how cookie management is carried out on the user's side and how profiling works are done.




User:  Refers to people who visit Galataport İstanbul, its mobile website or mobile application, whether they are a MEMBER or not.

SDK: SDKs or Software Development Kits are the tools that software developers use for creating applications and integrate with other applications. 3rd party SDKs add functionality to mobile applications. For the functionality of these SDKs, your personal data such as your device ID (IDFA for IOS users, ADID for Android users), special ID number assigned to you when you become a member of Galataport İstanbul and the data your device manufacturers share may be collected and processed.


Why and How Galataport İstanbul use SDKs?


SDKs belonging to third parties in the Galataport İstanbul application may be used to recognize users and show them personalized content and advertisements on platforms operated by Galataport İstanbul or in search engines or other advertising channels where Galataport İstanbul advertisements are published. In order to provide you with customized advertisements, advertising technology uses information about your previous visits to the website/mobile application/mobile site of Galataport İstanbul and the websites/mobile sites/mobile applications where Galataport İstanbul advertises.


SDKs of Google and Visilabs are used in the ZUBİZU Mobile Application. SDK of Google Analytics is used to analyze how visitors use the mobile application with statistical information/reports. Galataport İstanbul also uses Visilabs service for analysis purposes.


Like Google Analytics, SDK of Visilabs is used to analyze how visitors use the website/mobile application/mobile site with statistical information/reports.


Visilabs is used to provide you with customized communication at the right time and at the right place. It can work if you allow location access for Galataport İstanbul. You can always turn off the location access from Settings>Privacy>Location Services on your IOS device and from Settings>Apps>Galataport İstanbul>Permissions on your Android device or from the settings section on your app.


Why and How Galataport İstanbul do Profiling?


Galataport İstanbul segments its users in accordance with their behavioral patterns using SDKs whose purposes were explained above. It aims to know its users better and to provide a better service by knowing the certain behavioral patterns in this way. Galataport İstanbul uses profiling for their users in order to provide them with benefits such as opportunities, discounts and campaigns in line with their liking and usage preferences on the website and/or mobile application. Many independent parameters play a role in profiling users. Demographics and behavioral data can be given as examples to these.


Users’ likings, preferences, browsing history, transaction history, demographic information, location information, provided that the user has given permission, are shared with third parties that have SDK integration with Galataport İstanbul so that they can be retargeted. Personal data transfers realized within this scope are carried out through the secure environment and channels provided by the relevant third party.


How to manage your Cookie Permission Setting


In order to manage the data that cookies or SDKs in the mobile applications can obtain from the mobile devices of  users and to determine the privacy settings of mobile device, the instructions from the following addresses can be followed:


On devices using the IOS operating system:


On devices using the Android operating system:



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