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Tohum Autism Foundation New Year Shopping Festival

Paket Postanesi / 10.00-22.00

29th November - 1st December 2022


We are meeting at Galataport Istanbul Paket Postanesi for the 15th anniversary of the Tohum Autism Foundation New Year Shopping Festival. For the first time this year, the festival will be free of charge and guests will be able to buy gifts for their loved ones before the New Year and contribute to the education of children with autism. You are invited to this three-day shopping festival that will turn shopping into an experience. 

What Time and Where is the Tohum Autism Foundation New Year Shopping Festival? 

The festival, which will take place on November 29-30 and December 1, can be visited between 10.00-22.00 for three days. This year, the festival will take place at Galataport Istanbul Paket Postanesi. 

How to get to the Tohum Autism Foundation New Year Shopping Festival? 

If you come by car, you can reach Paket Postanesi from Kemankeş Street. If you come by walk, you will see the Paket Postanesi right in front of you after passing from the French Passage in Karaköy to Kemankeş Street. You can also reach Paket Postanesi from Galataport Istanbul by walking along the promenade towards Karaköy. You can easily find it by using the navigation on the Galataport Istanbul mobile app or by following the directions at Galataport Istanbul. Boat services will be organized from Kandilli and Bebek piers to Galataport Istanbul Paket Postanesi pier at certain hours, two round trips per day. 

Which brands are participating in the Tohum Autism Foundation New Year Shopping Festival? 

At the Tohum Autism Foundation New Year Shopping Festival, the products and collections of more than 100 exclusive and special brands will be on sale in a wide range of areas such as jewelry, clothing, decoration, home textiles, jewelry, cosmetics, accessories and antiques. Many local and global brands located in the Paket Postanesi will also participate in the festival in their own stores. All of the income from the participating companies will be transferred to the projects of Tohum Autism Foundation and children with autism who need educational scholarships. At the festival, New Year's gift baskets prepared by the founders of Tohum Autism Foundation as well as famous names of the business, art and media world with different themes and products will be offered for sale for the benefit of children with autism. You can see all participating brands below. 

About Tohum Autism Foundation 

Tohum Turkey Autism Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation has been working since April 15, 2003 as a non-profit and public interest health and education foundation with the aim of early diagnosis of children with "Autism Spectrum Disorder", pioneering their special education and reintegration into society and disseminating this across the country. 

Participating Brands

  • Abgar Özasi Mücevherat 
  • ADAMO Adrenoforlife 
  • Amour De Lin 
  • ANIM 
  • Arte Diore 
  • Arvadoll 
  • Astomeria 
  • Atelier Rebul
  • Athi Offical 
  • Avedis Kendir 
  • Batya Kebudi 
  • Bee Goddess 
  • Bega Atelier 
  • Beyaz Fırın 
  • Boholoveselifmısırlı 
  • BUMER 
  • Caige 
  • Chakra 
  • Coven East 
  • Cup Of Joy 
  • Çakıl Jewelry 
  • D’Maison 
  • Damat Tween 
  •  Decor to Adore 
  • Design Market 
  • DİVAN Due2 
  • Ferruh Filiz Optik 1905 
  • Fifth Sense Lingerie 
  • Gül Kaynak Detoks 
  • Hars Anatolian Crafts
  • Home Spirit 
  • Homm Days 
  • House of Mare 
  • Jardin De Muse 
  • Jewels for Joy 
  • JOIN US 
  • JUJU 
  • Jutsack 
  • JuweliEren 
  • Kafkas 
  • Karmen Bijuteri 
  • Lady Gina
  • Le Désiré 
  • let's be friends 
  • Look Project 
  • LUOKK 
  • MAİSA 
  • Maison Noura 
  • Maji Atelier
  • Maraliana 
  • Marmitable 
  • Matnis 
  • MAVEN 
  • Mehry Mu 
  • Melis Göral Mücevher 
  • Michel Jewellery
  • Mon Reve 
  • Monapetra 
  • Olivvi 
  • Oriental Monkey 
  • Own The Jewelry 
  • Perpetua 
  • Pijamare 
  • PS ONE jewellery 
  • Queen Victoria's Vintage Shop 
  • Regino 
  • Roqaia Fashion House 
  • Roupillon 
  • Sait Koç 
  • Sega Kuyumculuk 
  • Selamlique Istanbul 
  • Sevan Bıçakçı 
  • Seven hills galata
  • Sevsevil Design 
  • SIRR 
  • Siren Ertan ISTANBUL 
  • S'Simplewear 
  • Suciyan Designer Jewels 
  • T.A.G.G. 
  • TAKK 
  • The 10pm
  • Thermomix 
  • Tohum Otizm Vakfı 
  • Tuba Ergin 
  • Türkiye İş Bankası 
  • Velovis & Co. 
  • Versace & Rosenthal 
  • Villeroy & Boch 
  • Vintage and Spirits 
  • VUQU 
  • XANDRA Jewels 
  • Yorstruly 
  • ZAN Studio

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