Galataport İstanbul’s district will become Istanbul’s new hub of art, culture and design, its creative flair gracefully intertwined with the port’s cruise activities and tourist arrivals.

Interspersed with iconic buildings like Nusretiye Mosque, Tophane Pavilion, Tophane Fountain, and Kılıç Ali Paşa Mosque, Galataport İstanbul will become a popular destination for İstanbulites across every season. The history and grandeur of the area makes it the ideal locale for hosting cultural and artistic events, including open-air exhibitions, art installations, and concerts.

With the historic Tophane Clock Tower at its center, the 14,000-square-meter Tophane Square will act as a popular central meeting point flanked by celebrated monuments and museums.

Aside from being Istanbul’s first museum square, Tophane Square will feature live performances, special exhibitions, fashion shows, festivals, and family events all year long. Both the Istanbul Modern Museum and Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum—Turkey’s top showcases of contemporary art—will call Galataport Istanbul home.