The historical buildings of Galataport İstanbul will be restored as part of the project, while the historical treasures of Istanbul will regain its old value.

In reviving some of the city’s most celebrated buildings, Galataport İstanbul will display a distinct juxtaposition of original architecture alongside newly-restored historical treasures.

The Hong Kong-based Peninsula Group will open its tenth property in Galataport İstanbul as both an investor and hotel operator. With roots dating back to 1928, Peninsula will bring its unique brand of thoughtfulness and unmatched service to the newest haven of luxury hospitality in Istanbul.

The hotel will make use of three protected buildings—Merkez Han, Çinili Han, and the Karaköy Passenger Hall—plus an old warehouse space. The hotel lobby will be built inside the Karaköy Passenger Hall, Turkey’s first modern naval terminal, which dates back to the 1940s.

The ballroom and other social activities at the hotel will be hosted in the former warehouse space. This building will feature a guillotine facade, which opens in fifteen seconds and contrasts its warmth with the freshness of the Bosphorus beyond.